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  Website Mission
   This website is dedicated to the telling of the history and legend of Dr. Francis LeBaron, one of the first documented surgeons in the New World. It is recorded that he was indeed a Frenchman who landed on these shores in 1696. It is the circumstances of his landfall and his new life in the New World which are of particular interest. It is a story of pirates and Puritans, rescues and romance, worthy of a full length feature film.

  Alas, the good doctor's circumstances and adventures in reaching the Plimouth Colony are what we may refer to as legend. The truth be known, Francis LeBaron's name is never mentioned in history until it appeared in a Plymouth Town record on the occasion of his marriage to Mary Wilder. But keep in mind that all legends have one foot firmly planted in the soil of history.
   Though my wife and I (my wife is the direct descendant of the good doctor) have begun this site we have always intended it to be forever a work in progress drawing from the facts, fiction, images, documents, etc. gleaned by Dr. LeBaron's descendants and others who are fascinated by this saga. We would be more than grateful for any material and information which can be provided. Please refer to the Contact Page for information on how to reach us.
  Above all please peruse and enjoy the following stories and tidbits about a truly fascinating, historical figure.